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Axe Throwing Rules For Beginners: What To Expect When Axe Throwing For The First Time

When you want to have fun in your free time, one question arises: how and where can you relax? Especially if the soul asks for adrenaline and thrills. There are several options: skydiving, going to the mountains or kayaking. If you want something less extreme, you can try a more exciting activity – axe throwing. This hobby will 100% captivate you from the first minutes. But before you start to throw axe, you need to learn the axe throwing safety rules of this extraordinary activity. In this article, we will share the essential nuances and details with you. After reading, we are sure you will want to try this unusual and exciting hobby.

Axe Throwing Rules For Beginners: What To Expect When Axe Throwing For The First Time

Axe Throwing Rules

Axe throwing sport is very common in the world, but what about a beginner? How To Throw An Axe? Our experts have prepared several axe throwing game rules for you to make it easier for you to adapt to this matter.

Rule 1: Wear Closed Toe Shoes.

Before the game, changing into closed shoes with flat soles is better. During the game, you will be comfortable and able to move around conveniently.

Rule 2: Listen Up to the instructor.

The trainer will share professional tricks during the lesson and help you acquire and improve new abilities. He will introduce you to classic throwing techniques, teach you how to use different approaches, and enjoy the game.

Rule 3: Be Aware of Your Surroundings.

This activity will absorb you and your company completely. An unforgettable spectacle, power, and friendly atmosphere are guaranteed!

Rule 4: Have Fun.

Do you want to have fun and active time with your family or friends? Do you want fun and drive? You’re in the right place.

Axe Throwing Tips for Beginners

Axe throwing is an exciting activity that allows you to test your power, accuracy, and crazy adrenaline. Beginner the basics axe throwing competition rules are enough for the hatchet to hit the target and the process to be safe:

  • worry about security measures;
  • take the correct stance, bending your knees slightly;
  • grasp the central part of the axe handle, internally merge with it;
  • step forward and…throw!

Once you master these simple tips, you will quickly improve your skills with regular training.

Get the Perfect Grip

Axe throwing is one of the most unusual types of outdoor activities. You and your friends will remember and appreciate this entertainment. The main rule is: a perfect grip will provide a perfect throw.

Axe throwing rules and regulations stipulate that you must hold the axe with the blade facing you. Wrapping it with four fingers, leave your thumb behind the handle, ensuring the bar is along the line of your hand. Distribute your weight evenly and concentrate on rotating. During flight, the tool will rotate several times and stick its blade into the stand, so the handle is at the bottom. Be open to experimentation: this is the only way you will find your ideal position and grip with which you will hit the target.

Release the Axe at Eye Level

Having learned how to do your signature hatchet grab, we move on to the moment of the throw. The right inner attitude will definitely help you with this. You can achieve the goal by practicing technique and emotional balance. Place one foot forward, concentrate, and swing. Visualize the axe flying and release it forward as soon as you see it at eye level.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Methods

American and Canadian Indians threw axes, or tomahawks, very accurately and far, learning this from childhood. Canadian lumberjacks successfully adopted this exercise.

With a little practice and mastering several techniques, you will become no worse than an Indian. Start with the traditional one – throwing at a target at a certain distance, then you can use a technique with or without rotation. Once you gain experience, you will enjoy competing with friends, using extreme techniques, or hitting a moving target. Each style requires knowledge and honing of skills. And who knows, maybe you will become a guru in throwing.

What to Wear When Axe Throwing

And so, a day of explosive emotions in a pleasant company is planned, you finish your work, and there is one thought in your head: what is axe throwing dress code? Everything is straightforward here. A T-shirt, T-shirt or a simple shirt that will not be hot will do. Next, we wear jeans, trousers, and shorts – clothes in which we will be as comfortable as possible and do not restrict movement. The clothing style should be tight enough and tight-fitting but also not very wide to avoid getting tangled.

Therefore, regarding what to wear to axe throwing, we have a laconic answer: something in which you will be comfortable moving and enjoying a good time.