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September 7, 2018 / Miami New Times / Haidar Hachem

Extreme Axe Brings the Ax-Throwing Trend to Downtown Miami

Miami’s first ax-throwing lounge is set to open downtown.

Extreme Axe Throwing Miami will offer eight throwing lanes with wooden targets in a 5,000-square-foot facility. The lounge, which is set to debut later this month, will allow groups of up to eight people share a lane. Four of the eight lanes will include interactive targets coded using a proprietary target technology.

Qunicey Bey, general manager of Extreme Axe Throwing Miami, wants people to associate ax-throwing as a fun experience.

Qunicey Bey: “The one word we want people to associate with Extreme Axe when they walk through our doors is fun. That’s what we want people to look forward to before they come in, that’s what we want people to think of while they are here, and that’s what we want people thinking about the next time they are going to return."

Scoring for ax-throwing is similar to that of darts. The outermost rings bring the fewest points, and the innermost rings score higher. Each player receives ten throws per game, and on the tenth throw, the player has a chance at a “kill shot." The kill shot is a blue circle located at the top left and right corners of the throwing board. Hitting the target on the tenth turn scores ten points.

Along with offering ax-throwing fun, the lounge will also boast an escape-room adventure run by Jennifer Nesselhaus of Hollywood’s Boxroom Escape Games. In three escape rooms, teams of two to eight people will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles to escape. What makes this experience different from others is that there are no keys or locks here — everything in the room is run on an automated system. Instead of finding and using a key to reveal the next clue, players must solve clues and push buttons in specific sequences to open doors and reveal the next hint.

Qunicey Bey: “It’s like having your very own Disney World experience."

Rates for the escape rooms will run $29 per person Monday through Thursday and $33 per person Friday through Sunday. Guests can receive discounts by checking in on social media or joining the VIP text-messaging list. Pricing for ax-throwing will range from $20 per person for a one-hour session in a shared lane to $35 per person in groups of six or more in a private lane. Each lane is equipped with a standard throwing ax and an “ax-pert" to teach the rules and safety protocols.

The lounge will also offer a wine and beer bar and a jungle-themed, vine-wrapped patio with food truck options. To ensure no drunken accidents occur, all ax-throwing participants will be fitted with a red wristband that limits them to one drink prior to throwing axes. After they have completed their throwing session, they may drink more than one beer or wine pour.

Qunicey Bey: “Growing up, we were taught not to play with sharp objects, and we’re here to change that mindset. We want people to have the time of their lives in a safe environment."

This is the third ax-throwing bar coming to South Florida. Axe Throwing Society in Pompano Beach and Chops + Hops in Fort Lauderdale are set to open in 2018.


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