Want to show off your kick-axe throwing skills? Join our 8 week competition league that meets once a week, each week you will get 40 competitive throws that will be added to your scores. The competitors with the highest score at the end of week 7 will move on to Championship Round! The winner from that will move on to the WATL World Championship!


Our 8-week regular season consists of 7 consecutive weeks of training sessions (Once a week) + playoffs on the 8th week following the WATL rules.


$120 for one competition season

To see the WATL official competition rules click the icon above.


Register for the upcoming season online.


Extreme Axe LEAGUE (EARLY 2019)

April 7th – June 10th 
Competition season starts on April 7th at 6:00 PM. The league sessions will take place every Tuesday night at 6:00 PM for 7 weeks.The 8th week (June 10th) is Playoffs (double elimination Tournament with the top 16 throwers).


2019 Seasonal Competitions

This will be a one day only competition that will take place four times a year and will have to be individually registered for each time. The first 50 competitors to sign up will be allowed to compete.

Spring Competition: March 26th

Summer Competition: July 23rd

Fall Competition: September 24th

Winter Competition: December 17th



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