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August 30, 2018 / Channel 7 Miami / Shireen Sandoval

Extreme Axe Throwing set to open in downtown Miami

There’s nothing more exhilirating than heaving stone-age weaponry, at a high rate of speed, at wooden planks. The sport of axe throwing has come to the 305. We’re taking aim at a new spot that’s the first of its kind in the area.

Axe throwing has arrived in South Florida!

Quincy Bey, partner/operations manager: “It’s similar to bowling, but with axes. You have the lane that you throw into the target.”

Extreme Axe Throwing in downtown Miami doesn’t just give you a sharp object and say “well, good luck.”

They have axeperts — get it — who are there to help.

Quincy Bey: “Our axeperts have put in countless hours of in throwing themselves. They will walk you frame by frame as to how to do it safely and accurately.”

And the consensus seems to be that after a few rounds — you’re in business.

Dien Pham, customer: “This is my first time trying the axe sport. It’s very difficult at first, then once you get used to it, it becomes really fun.”

Stephanie Obin, customer: “One of my friends saw the advertisement. We said ‘We have to do it, that’s really exciting.’ We have to do it. It’s not difficult. I mean, just three, four shots then it’s going in.”

There are different options on how to play.

Go with the original targets or use Extreme Axe’s spiffy technology.

Quincy Bey: “Our in-house engineers have designed digital boards, what we call target technology. It allows us to change the games as they’re being played by the customers.”

They’ve also got a lounge to hang out at before you battle. And we’ve gotta mention this very “Game of Thrones”-esque throne.

Quincy Bey: “We are the kings of axe throwing, so we felt as though it would only be fit that we had a throne of our own.”

Either book a session online or walk right in — Extreme Axe aims for your experience to be right on target.

Quincy Bey: “The takeaway that you’re gonna have when you come to Extreme Axe is that you have never experienced anything like this.”

Extreme Axe is getting their liquor license soon. There’s a one drink limit before you start throwing axes around.

They’re going to have escape rooms opening in the building, too.

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