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August 24, 2018 / Timeout.com / Ryan Pfeffer

Lord help us—Miami is getting an axe throwing bar

The last time you found yourself in a Miami bar, did you start thinking, “You know what this place needs? Sharp weapons!”

If so, please stay away from us and our children. But also: good news! Miami is getting its very first axe throwing bar right in time for Memorial Day weekend. Extreme Axe Throwing Miami is set to open on September 1 at 540 North Miami Avenue and it will be Miami’s first axe throwing bar, which—yes—is a thing! They’ve been mighty popular in Canada and other parts of the world and have started popping up in North America lately. Now, South Florida has axe fever as well. There are already two more about to open up in Fort Lauderdale (Chops and Hops) and Pompano (Axe Throwing Society).

The concept of the axe throwing bar is simple. Think of it like bowling, but replace the ball with a handheld axe and the pins with a block of wood. At Extreme Axe Throwing Miami, anyone who wants to give the ol’ axe a toss will be limited to one drink (thank god) and everyone throws under the supervision of an employee (who we hope has exemplary health insurance). The throwing lanes at Extreme Axe Miami will be beefed up with interactive targets and projected games and will run folks about $20 to $35 per person. You’ll be able to toss hatches, axes and throwing knives in the 5,000-square-foot space.

If medieval weaponry is not your thing, the space will also feature an escape room on the second floor plus a spectator section. Oh, and Jackson Memorial Hospital is only a bit over two miles to the northwest—you know, just in case. Have fun and keep your head on a swivel!

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