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WPLG Local 10 – Soflo Health

January 31, 2019 / WPLG Local 10 / Hunter Franqui

SOFLO Health & Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood

Move over bowling, the new sport on the block is axe throwing. Well, it actually may be the oldest sport in the world, aside from maybe boulder tossing. But, new or old, axe throwing is growing by leaps and bounds in urban areas like South Florida.

Jennifer Nesselhause, Hollywood Operations Manager – Extreme Axe Throwing: In the front, we’ve got more of a recreational environment for friends and family looking for something quick and fun to do. In the back is where the big boys go to play. That’s where we have your big time competitions and leagues.

Ashley Ramotar, Hollywood Store Manager – Extreme Axe Throwing: Everyone’s welcome here. We have everyone from nurses, doctors. We have attorneys and law firm groups come here just to get out a little bit of anger or stress, and have some fun with their team.

Hunter Franqui: I’ve got an axe in my hand, finally. I’ve been here watching axes being thrown all over the place, so it’s my turn. So how do I throw an axe properly?

Ashley Ramotar: So you’re gonna take your dominant hand, place it on the bottom. You want maybe about this much of a space left there, it will give you that mobility. Then you’re gonna take your less dominant hand, place it on top. You can either line up your thumbs with the spine of this axe, or you can cross your fingers down here. It’s whatever feels comfortable for you.

Hunter Franqui: Alright.

Ashley Ramotar: When you’re ready, we have a post here that we like to line ourselves up with.

Hunter Franqui: Right.

Ashley Ramotar: Raise about right here. Take a step into your throw and give it a go.

Hunter Franqui: Right. So I’m going over my head, and I’m kind of pointing where I wanna go.

Ashley Ramotar: In a chopping motion.

Hunter Franqui: In a chopping motion, and just let go.

Ashley Ramotar: Yes.

Hunter Franqui: Alright. Well, I’m gonna give it a shot.

Ashley Ramotar: Okay.

Hunter Franqui: You know, there’s just something fun about pulling an axe that you just threw into a block of wood, out of that wood, trying to hit that little bulls-eye in the center that’s tawny. It’s relaxing, it’s stress-relieving, and it’s a whole lot of fun. And there’s some sport to this too. We heard earlier, there’s competitions for this kind of thing, which is hard to believe. But not at the same time, because this is a lot of fun. So I’m gonna throw one more axe for the road.

Hunter Franqui: Nice.

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